Beyond just an idea

The idea of the tavern derives from the family recipes that the grandmother passed on to the mother, who in turn passed on to her son, a professional chef. The combination of these people’s passion with the little brother's business administration skills, who always desired to open a restaurant that would offer his mother’s style of cuisine, led to the opening of this traditional Cypriot cuisine, family-run restaurant.

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It is the perfect opportunity to head to Parekklisia village, escaping from the everyday life and the noise of the city, even if your time is limited, since it is only 15 minutes away from Limassol. The tavern is built in a characteristic part of the village, in a historic, picturesque churchyard of the Holy Cross, which has been a major site of the area for centuries and was hence the main inspiration for the name of the restaurant.

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Made with love.

Our gifted chef, Theodoros, originally from the village of Parekklisia, is one of the inspiring factors of the tavern. Subsequent to the completion of his studies and several years of experience, he chose his mother’s cuisine, with which he grew up and created a unique, modernized form of it, as a basis for the Courtyard menu. The recipes and the amazing food that he prepares, stem from his admiration for his mother’s recipes and her delicious desserts, which are the foundation of his modern dishes for building the reputation of Proavlio tavern.

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Delicious food.

When you visit Proavlio tavern, do not forget to try the ‘Chef’s Kleftiko’, ‘Aglaia’s Mousaka’, as well as the excellent dessert, ‘Aglaia’s Orange Pie’. The menu consists of authentic traditional dishes, in which you will find familiar and favorable flavours.

Proavlio Tavern
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