Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by various cultures over the years, due to the fact that it has been colonized by different countries in the past. This has led to the formation of a special mosaic of flavors and influences. Dishes such as kleftiko, moussaka, local sausage and local halloumi are traditional Cypriot dishes, which have been loved by locals and foreigners for generations.

Proavlio Tavern offers a variety of Cypriot traditional dishes, made from local products of excellent quality. These dishes will take you back in time, meanwhile it’s the most modern execution that gives a unique approach that satisfies.

In this modernly designed space with a traditional character, you can also enjoy a rich selection of Cypriot wines from the best wineries in the country. You have the option to enjoy your meal in the cosy indoor area, next to the fireplace or outside in the characteristic and historic churchyard, from which the name and the logo of the tavern have derived.